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Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer - VIDEO

Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer
Price: 8.00
(Artist: Athena2)

When the gorgeous, voluptuously shaped Nadia returns home from the club with a lusting male admirer in tow, she is thrilled to hear that he's never been with a strong, muscular woman before - Perfect! She relishes in taking the dominant role as she leads her all too interested male in his first muscle worship session, complete with tough erotic words and lots of sensual positions, where she is in total control! His hands touch her body in admiration, which leads to her pinning him to the floor with her thick, powerful form, making him cry out in pain, while also causing him to moan with arousal! Nadia smothers and squeezes his helpless frame, as she erotically talks about how strong she is, and how she plans to use her power over him, all night long!

gorgeous voluptuously shaped Nadia home club lusting male admirer thrilled hear never been strong muscular woman Perfect relishes dominant role leads interested male first muscle worship session tough erotic words sensual positions total control hands touch body admiration pinning floor thick powerful form cry out pain moan arousal smothers squeezes helpless frame erotically talks strong plans power all night long

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Emery Miller - Bedroom Buff Babe 2 - VIDEO

Emery Miller - Bedroom Buff Babe 2
Price: 6.00
(Artist: Emery Miller)

Emery is back, in this All New, All Original video clip! Here she continues wiggling her sexy, lusciously muscular body on this soft bed, using her sultry voice and sexy moaning (not to mention her mouth on her favorite sex-toy) to get YOU all hot and bothered! Another amazing video shot by Awefilms, for Exclusive Amy's Conquest use!

Emery All New All Original video clip wiggling sexy muscular body soft bed sultry voice moanings mouth sex-toy hot bothered Awefilms Exclusive Amy's Conquest

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Monix - Cheater Beater (Part 1) - VIDEO

Monix - Cheater Beater (Part 1)
Price: 6.00
(Artist: Jersey Black)

Sexy Supergirl MuscleVixen is not happy at all with her boyfriend, who she proceeds to drag into her apartment and Demolish in a series of powerfully crushing holds from her rock solid body. Beg and plead as he does, she doesn't reply, her beating of him is silent, only his moans of agony can be heard about them; that is until one final line, when she squeezes him unconscious, does she let us in on why she is mangling her man - something he won't find out until he awakens, in Part 2! - Another Incredible clip by Jersey Black!

sexy Supergirl MuscleVixen not happy boyfriend drag apartment demolish powerfully crushing holds rock solid body beg plead beating silent moans of agony final line squeezes unconscious mangling man awakens Part 2 incredible clip Jersey Black

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Tanya (Part 2) - PDF

Tanya (Part 2)
Price: 8.00
(Story: Eric The Red, Artwork: MadMax)

Tall, muscular Tanya continues her sexual domination of the much smaller Greg in her bedroom, carrying him there with ease, as she proceeds to use her superior strength to lift and bend him to her will - much to his pain, and her erotic pleasure! She moves him into position after position without any effort, her thick, solid limbs enveloping and crushing him to screaming submission, as her own sexual juices continue to flow! He is nothing but her sexual toy, to use and abuse as she sees fit, each moan of agony sending waves of orgasmic pleasure all over her muscle-packed form! In the end she brings them both to Climax, in her own unique fashion, proving without a doubt that she is to be worshipped as a true Amazonian Goddess! Fantastic illustrations by MadMax on this amazing story by Eric The Red!

Tall muscular Tanya sexual domination Greg bedroom superior strength lift bend pain erotic pleasure position thick solid limbs submission sexual juices toy abuse moan agony orgasmic pleasure muscle-packed form Climax Amazonian Goddess illustrations MadMax Eric The Red

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