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Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer - VIDEO

Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer
Price: 8.00
(Artist: Athena2)

When the gorgeous, voluptuously shaped Nadia returns home from the club with a lusting male admirer in tow, she is thrilled to hear that he's never been with a strong, muscular woman before - Perfect! She relishes in taking the dominant role as she leads her all too interested male in his first muscle worship session, complete with tough erotic words and lots of sensual positions, where she is in total control! His hands touch her body in admiration, which leads to her pinning him to the floor with her thick, powerful form, making him cry out in pain, while also causing him to moan with arousal! Nadia smothers and squeezes his helpless frame, as she erotically talks about how strong she is, and how she plans to use her power over him, all night long!

gorgeous voluptuously shaped Nadia home club lusting male admirer thrilled hear never been strong muscular woman Perfect relishes dominant role leads interested male first muscle worship session tough erotic words sensual positions total control hands touch body admiration pinning floor thick powerful form cry out pain moan arousal smothers squeezes helpless frame erotically talks strong plans power all night long

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Rapture - Private Dick Punishment - VIDEO

Rapture - Private Dick Punishment
Price: 6.00
(Artist: Rapture)

Watch Rapture play the part of a sexy, sultry P.I., who lures her latest mark back to her place under the pretense that he's getting Lucky with the Statuesque Supergirl; that is until she changes into a skin-tight catsuit and announces her plans mean a night of Pain, not pleasure, for this foolish man (who has been a serial cheater on his wife, who hired the Gorgeous Glamazon to demolish him, specifically his "manhood", which gets severely beaten and nearly ripped clean off)!

Rapture sexy sultry P.I. lures latest mark place pretense Lucky Statuesque Supergirl changes skin-tight catsuit announces plans night Pain pleasure foolish man serial cheater wife hired Gorgeous Glamazon demolish manhood severely beaten ripped clean off

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Jennifer Thomas - Altering The Deal - VIDEO

Jennifer Thomas - Altering The Deal
Price: 8.00
(Artist: Jennifer Thomas)

In this sequel to one of our previous videos with Jennifer (Casting Couch Crush), in the years since forcing Dante to agree to a new contract for this rising action star, she and her G.I. Jen character have become Hugely Popular! So much so that she now plans to renegotiate her deal with her growingly wealthy movie producer, though all he replies with is bullshit with a smile! Unfortunately for him, smiling is the last thing he will be doing now, as an upset Jennifer then gets her shapely, powerful, super skilled body around him in a variety of crushing, punishing holds! Once more using her superior form to "convince" her one-time boss for a better deal, not to mention equal standing with he himself in his - or is that, Their company!

sequel previous videos Jennifer Casting Couch Crush years forcing Dante new contract rising action star G.I. Jen character Hugely Popular plans renegotiate deal growingly wealthy movie producer bullshit smile upset shapely powerful super skilled body crushing punishing holds superior form convince one-time boss better deal equal standing company

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Steve, Julie And Cara (Part 2) - TEXT

Steve, Julie And Cara (Part 2)
Price: 2.00
(Story: Nadia Black)

Our story continues as Steve prepares for his world title fight against the seemingly unstoppable Amazon, Cara! Though the more of her videos he watches, the more concerned he becomes! How could a woman be so muscular, so powerful, yet So Sexy! Still he plans to push himself to his limits, and beyond, to hold his title and defeat his current contender and bully! Unfortunately when the match begins, it seems that Cara has the advantage, as she powerfully plays with him, doing so in a sensual and erotic manner - all of which sexually thrills Julie watching from her ringside seat, ready to quench her erotic desires with whoever wins this fight! Two endings of this story, a Good and Bad side, means there's something for Everyone on this one!

story Steve world title fight Amazon Cara videos concerned woman muscular powerful sexy plans limits hold title defeat contender bully match advantage powerfully sensual erotic Julie ringside seat quench desires wins fight two endings Good side Bad side something for Everyone

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A Memoir Of The New Paradigm (Chapter 5) - TEXT

A Memoir Of The New Paradigm (Chapter 5)
Price: 2.00
(Story: Sunblind)

Living in the world of the New Paradigm is not an easy thing, if you're a man that is! A world filled with women who can snap bones like twigs and crush bodies to pulp without trying, adding in being treated like a total inferior, and being used (and abused) for any woman's enjoyment! Luckily, Janey treats her loving man A.J. like a prince, doing her best to protect him always - that is until her mother and older sister come to visit! Desperate to win their favor, Janey leaves A.J. at their mercy, which is one thing for her "relatively tame" mother Beverly, though sister Nancy has plans all her own, which result in the worst beating A.J. ever experienced!

living world New Paradigm easy man women snap bones crush bodies pulp treated total inferior used abused enjoyment Janey loving man A.J. prince protect mother older sister visit desperate win favor leaves mercy relatively tame Beverly sister Nancy plans worst beating experienced

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