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Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer - VIDEO

Goddess Nadia - Worship Me, First-Timer
Price: 8.00
(Artist: Athena2)

When the gorgeous, voluptuously shaped Nadia returns home from the club with a lusting male admirer in tow, she is thrilled to hear that he's never been with a strong, muscular woman before - Perfect! She relishes in taking the dominant role as she leads her all too interested male in his first muscle worship session, complete with tough erotic words and lots of sensual positions, where she is in total control! His hands touch her body in admiration, which leads to her pinning him to the floor with her thick, powerful form, making him cry out in pain, while also causing him to moan with arousal! Nadia smothers and squeezes his helpless frame, as she erotically talks about how strong she is, and how she plans to use her power over him, all night long!

gorgeous voluptuously shaped Nadia home club lusting male admirer thrilled hear never been strong muscular woman Perfect relishes dominant role leads interested male first muscle worship session tough erotic words sensual positions total control hands touch body admiration pinning floor thick powerful form cry out pain moan arousal smothers squeezes helpless frame erotically talks strong plans power all night long

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Beaten By A Girl - PDF

Beaten By A Girl
Price: 6.00
(Story: Miles Endeavour, Artwork: Dracowhip)

When a young man loses an arm-wrestling match with a rock solid 13 year old gymnast (who happens to be his work superior's daughter) his embarrassment causes him to hit the gym hard, building his body stronger than Ever! So when he meets up with this powerful young girl 5 years later, he relishes the chance to show her who's the stronger now (Hint - it isn't him)! Dracowhip once more lends his pencil-shaded work to this Miles Endeavour story!

young man loses arm-wrestling match rock solid 13 year old gymnast work superior's daughter embarrassment hit the gym building body stronger Ever meets up powerful young girl 5 years later relishes chance show her stronger now Dracowhip pencil-shaded work Miles Endeavour story

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College Girl Muscle (Redux) - PDF

College Girl Muscle (Redux)
Price: 6.00
(Artwork: Edson)

An up to date reworking of one of our Oldest Illustrated stories, drawn now by the Unequalled, Edson! Here we have a tale of two sexy college musclegirls, Tina who adores cuddling with her loving man as he relishes her thick, muscular body, and Heather, a buff dominant girl that is not afraid to show her boyfriend the painful errors of his cheating ways! Loads of female physical superiority here, and no matter what type of sexy Amazon girl you like, this story has it ALL!

up to date reworking oldest illustrated stories drawn unequalled Edson tale two sexy college musclegirls Tina adores cuddling loving man relishes thick muscular body Heather buff dominant girl not afraid show boyfriend painful errors cheating ways loads female physical superiority type Amazon girl

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