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Shelley - Shelley just loves showing off her ultra muscular physique in school, wearing tiny, body hugging outfits! Though one of her teacher's doesn't seem to be a fan, and after giving her a Failing grade on her latest report, something she is less than happy about, she is called back in after school. There she confronts him about his attitude towards her and her Amazonian body, something she then exploits with an assortment of flexing and crushing, battering him senseless while bringing out the muscle-lover in him, earning her an A in his class! Awesome pictures from Ronaldo on this Michele LeMuscle story!
College Amazon Adventures (Part 3) - It's now Larissa's turn to share her summer's escapades (or is that, SEX-capades) with her sisters-in-muscle - this story about her very first time Doing It! A special night planned with her special guy, as the gorgeous teenage Amazon gets all dressed up, bringing him to a private hotel room, before driving him wild with Lust, before Taking Him for her erotic pleasures! Pain for him is expected, though the sweet muscle girl does her best to not damage him too much, while fully quenching his own Amazonian Addiction! More Awesome text and artwork by James from Amazonias.net here!
The Leg Man, The Breast Man, And The Ass Man (Part 2) - The gorgeous red-headed Amazon woman is back, continuing her physical and sexual assaults on Wayne and his crude, obnoxious friends! The stunning supergirl man-handles them all together, and all by themselves, as she smothers, pummels, crushes and overall demolishs these men with her superior body, using the very objects of their erotic desires as their ultimate downfall, as she quenches her own sensual pleasures again and again! Fantastic artwork from Diego on this Iconic Jack Straw tale!
The Trip - Fresh out of grad-school, Allan's parents surprise him with a lengthy family vacation, all of them visiting their close friends in sunny Florida. Along with their welcoming hosts is their 18 year old daughter Megan, who Allan hadn't seen since she was a kid, though the years have been very kind to this gorgeous young woman, who has a physique as fit, firm and strong as any Allan has ever seen! What's more, she's had a crush on him for some time now, something she sexily uses her superior strength to show him, again and again! Amazing illustrations by Max, on the first of this classic series by Hud!