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The Night Rio Showed My Friends Who Was Boss - In this sequel to "The Night I Discovered Who Was Boss", we see Rio's boyfriend more in love than ever since the night she revealed her incredible super strength to him. She'd already revealed her amazing body with her perfect ass and her enormous breasts, and he was more than willing to submit to her absolute authority (not that he had a choice) in exchange for their earth-shattering sex. The problem occurred when his two best friends showed up to "liberate" him - but if there was one thing Rio was good at it was solving problems. Story written by Sonofjack, with marvelous illustrations are by Jupiter I!
Skip & Michelle (Part 4) - When Michelle makes a generous offer to take Skip and his friends out for his birthday, he thinks he's in for a real treat, though in typical style for the dominant Amazon, it's not long before she shows off her unreal strength, on a bullying stranger and Skip himself! Then another day she returns home with two of her fellow gym-girls, to both show off her obedient boy-toy (for them all to use), as well as for some sexy fun time with she herself! The conclusion to this Classic story by Skip, with Awesome artwork by Ronaldo!
College Amazon Adventures (Part 1) - When a trio of titanic teenage musclegirls (and college roommates) return to school, stories of their summer's sexy exploits are excitedly told to one another! In this first part of the series, busty amazon Vanessa tells of how after losing a local beauty pageant (as if), she soon discovered the corrupt ringleader having his way with the winner! Well that doesn't sit well with the statuesque supergirl, who then proceeds to show him her Amazonian form is clearly the winner of Any contest! Incredible artwork by none other than James Stilton from Amazonias.net on this one!