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The plough girl, part eight

Olga is promoted to head of security at the casino, and makes some long-needed changes.

She also suggests a routine where she crushes a coconut between her thighs, and this really impresses the customers.

Then she does the same with a skull ... which she then explains is just a plastic replica.

She then added a quarter-bending routine. with the offer of, you give me $50,and a quarter, and I give you back the quarter, bent in half.

But what really gets the customes excited, is her plough dance, using a real. 600 pound plough, where she lifts it, dances with it, raises it over her head and swings it down again. All very graceful, and when she's finished the dance, six men from the audience try to lift the plough between them, but they can only just manage to get it a few inches above the floor.

"The plough girl" is a series of stories by Diana the Valkyrie; each week you can follow Olga's adventures.

The substitute teacher - The substitute teacher is teaching the class about human anatomy, and how it all works. She uses her own magnificent body to grab their attention, and to illustrate the lesson. Jane can lift and roll a small car, and she shows the class her massive biceps, and amazing quads, and talks about crushing coconuts and men. Story by Diana the Valkyrie; creative artwork by Libra the Zodiak.