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The Leg Man, The Breast Man, And The Ass Man (Part 2) - The gorgeous red-headed Amazon woman is back, continuing her physical and sexual assaults on Wayne and his crude, obnoxious friends! The stunning supergirl man-handles them all together, and all by themselves, as she smothers, pummels, crushes and overall demolishs these men with her superior body, using the very objects of their erotic desires as their ultimate downfall, as she quenches her own sensual pleasures again and again! Fantastic artwork from Diego on this Iconic Jack Straw tale!
A Marriage Made In Muscle - Here we view the all too sexy highlights of a wedding filled with female muscle! A gorgeous female bodybuilding bride, her equally Amazonian BFFs as her bridesmaids, all leads to an assortment of sexy scenes featuring these beautiful buff ladies showing off their ultra-fit forms, in a variety of wedding themed settings. Each sexy supergirl with their own unique look, all girlishly excited to share the Big Day of one of their long time besties, and a night none of them will ever forget! Absolutely Incredible art from the Iconic Jupiter I on this one!
Sam & Valerie - Super stunning, super strong Valerie just can't help but use her unreal power on adorably cute Sam at a mutual friend's pool party! His impressive strength is nothing compared to her own, as she teasingly holds him in a variety of sexually charged positions, relishing in his inability to escape! Though after a large bully starts making fun of Sam, Valerie realizes she has gone too far, not meaning to humiliate him so much - turning her attention now to the big male jerk outside the pool, who she Definitely plans to embarrass! The Amazing artist Rob returns to AC with this classic story from Jack Straw!
Macho Man (Part 2) - The Battle of the Sexes between macho Mike and Amazonian Julie continues! Though "battle" is hardly the word to describe her very one-sided handling of this much smaller and weaker male, as she teasingly shows off her superior strength and skills, doing so in a playful yet erotic manner! So much so Don and his fitness girl wife Sharon soon leave for some special alone time, joined soon after by Julie and Mike! It's not long after that Mike realizes where his heart (and his lust) lies, and it's with Julie and her super powered form! Incredible artwork from Dracowhip on this story from Puppetman!
The Librarian - Helen Armstrong used to be a waifishly thin and timid middle-aged woman, until one fateful day where after reading a passage from a rare book in her library, she discovered the ability to increase her muscular size, giving her amazing strength and incredible confidence! These words transforming her lithe body into an true Amazon, enabling her to easily defend herself (as well as a cute young guy) from attackers, show up male muscleheads in the gym, and allowing her to live a life of erotic pleasures formerly undreamt of! Fantastic artwork from Rafael on this sexy story from FemGrowth!