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America's Next Top Amazon (Episode 2) - The Iconic series, where YOU choose who left each epidose, Returns! Here our assortment of beautiful young Amazon girls enter their new spacious home for their time on the show, along with their Legendary host and various judges! Their excitement knows no bounds, as they enjoy their incredible new home and all its perks, while telling stories and getting to know one another on a personal level! Then it's off to their first challenge, where they must each create their own Ultimate Amazon photo! Loads of pics from Amazing artist Edson on this classic story!
Virtual Wife - John couldn't be more thrilled when his package arrived, prying the large crate open to reveal his Virtual Wife, a stunningly beautiful, toweringly statuesque robot mate, he named Susan! At first she was everything he could have imagined, though as she quickly learns and adapts, she becomes much more than he can handle! Discovering his various fantasies, most of them involving being dominated, Susan roleplays in a variety of different costumes and scenarios, using her vastly superior strength to control him in and out of the bedroom! Fantastic illustrations from Dracowhip on this sexy story by Fragilistic!