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These pictures are from The Bartender

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You can win a story written to your design!

We're having a competition. Members of Amysconquest can join in, and it's free!

The competition is for "Best suggested story". You write a 200 word outline of what story you'd like to see. The winner gets his story written as text (no picture) and as an audio.

The competition starts today, and your entry must arrive before November 30, 2022. Please email your entry to webmaster@amysconquest.com

Saturday night audio stories - The Black Burqa part three

I was just burning some toast to go with the soggy beans for Raafid's supper, when Sfiyah turned up, and she had someone with her. Who? I don't know, she was dressed head to toe in a black burqa.

"Hey," Sfiyah said. "Hey hey," I replied, "what's the timing for toast again?" She looked at what was pretty much charcoal. "About ten minutes ago," she answered, "this is Asma. She wants to be a Black Burqa."

I blinked. A what?

Apparently, my appearance at the masjid had led to some confusion, mostly because Sfiyah also wore a black burqa when she went there to douse the lights. So people already thought there were two of us, and if two, why not three?

The great thing about a burqa, is that no-one could actually see me. It was like a disguise, only better. So no-one, except me and Sfiyah, knew the secret identity of the Black Burqa. I suppose Raafid might have guessed, but he was too intimidated by me to tell anyone. It must be terrible to live with someone who, at any time, might inflict painful violence on you. I know this, because that's how I had lived for years and years.

"Who was that mysterious woman?" people were asking each other, and the guesses were all over the place. Every woman around here was wearing a niqab with a face veil; a burqa was only a small step further. Who was that masked woman?

Asma spoke. "I've been through eight years of beatings. And each time he didn't kill me, he made me stronger. And now I want to be like you, a Black Burqa. I want to help all the women who are being trodden on and treated unjustly. We women are supposed to be treated like queens; too many of us get treated like serfs."

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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - Respect all, fear nun part two

Respect all, fear nun - part two

An inspector calls

The letter confirming that the defunding had been rescinded, duly arrived. No surprise - Justin Graham had sworn on a bible that this would be done, and that's binding. But our celebrations were short-lived. That letter was swiftly followed by another, telling us that we were going to be inspected.

If that sounded ominous, it's because it was. Not because we were doing anything wrong, but because today's America is a place where officials like the mayor make use of official systems to get what they personally want. Yes, that is corruption, but this is how it is now.

We were in his way. He wanted the orphans to be in his privately run, for-profit, orphan machine - and the sisters of St Hilda wanted the orphans to have the best experiences growing up, that we could give them.

I told Nancy, the Mother Superior. "Deal with it," she said, not unkindly. "I have great confidence in you, Fiona, and I'll pray for you." Prayer is good, of course, but I wanted more. "Could I borrow one of the novices?" I asked. "What for?" asked the Mother Superior. "When the inspectors call, I want to shadow them, to make sure they don't make up stuff about us. So I need the extra pair of hands. Could I borrow Daisy?" "You mean, Sister Vache?" "Yes." "OK, that's fine, you can have her for two weeks."

She was called Sister Vache for a reason. And her nickname was Daisy for the same reason - a cow's udders can hold six gallons of milk, and a cow's teats are about two inches long. Daisy wasn't anywhere near that big - but nicknames don't have to be accurate.

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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) -
The plough girl - part three

Olga gets a new job at the KittyKat Klub, and deals with a gun man by crushing the gun with her powerful fingers.

Olga is a tall, strongly built, over-sexed blonde. Her lack of experience in Western ways, gets her into trouble, but her powerful muscles keep her safe. Her striking good looks and well-developed figure lead her into many sexual situations; her kind and gentle nature is the reason why so many men survive her lovemaking.

"The plough girl" is a series of stories by Diana the Valkyrie; each week you can follow Olga's adventures. Impressive artwork by internationl artist ZGannero.
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Muscle Bodyguard 1
(Courtesy Athena2) Emery Miller has been hired to be a British Consulate bodyguard. Little does he know because he is expecting a man. In walks this incredibly gorgeous muscular woman and he is taken aback. and when she takes off her jacket wow!!! he cannot believe his eyes!!H e wants to know she is strong enough to protect him, so she then begins to demonstrate her strength . . . on him!!! Emery has wrestled her British Consolate to the ground proving she can definitely be a good bodyguard to him. She then has him worship her body all over, kissing, touching, caressing her muscles. Then she sits him on the couch and proceeds to force muscle worship, taking off her top, throwing his face into her bare breasts and smothering him. then she pulls him back to the floor with her muscular thighs and sits on him so he can see her full beauty. Tons of strength wrestling holds Emery does on her new protectee, then she forces him to muscle worship her, and then finally give her servitude !

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The plough girl - part three

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