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LAST WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - THE LUCKIEST GUY OF ALL! - Jeff was madly in love with Marie, and why not? There was a lot to love about her. She was beautiful, intelligent, fun to be with and had the kind of body that most men can only dream of. Furthermore, she thought the sun rose and set in Jeff's pants. The only problem was Jimmy, a 6'8", 360 pound mountain of muscle who also happened to be Marie's husband. But even that wasn't much of a problem considering that Marie had the strength of a Goddess! This story is by Sonofjack; with amazing pictures by Rob!

THIS WEEK'S UPDATE (Exclusive Text Story) - KAT'S AWAKENING (Part 2)! by The Calffan - Kat Is Back, and Bigger, Buffer and Badder than Ever! The gorgeous young college girl has learned much in her time under mature Muscle MILF Traci's teaching, as seemingly no one is safe from her insatiable sexual appetite and even more powerful physique (especially Those Legs)! Follow her continued journey as she erotically dominates her man Steve, her roommate Sandra, a lucky young car salesmen and her muscle-lusting professor! Kat has definitely Awakened, and from here on in there's nothing but strong, shapely muscle in her life!

NEXT WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - WHAT'S IN A NAME? - When a gorgeous college girl is approached by a guy in a club, who simply Cannot focus on anything but her World Class Breasts, she decides to play with him a bit, letting him know she will be All His, if he can say her previously given name. Though so lost in her luscious cleavage, he has no idea - he also has no idea her Unreal Curves and Shape are from years of building thick, juicy muscle! Something he finds out all too soon as she Takes him back to her place and shows him just how to treat a woman with respect! Awesome artwork by Max on this Wanderer story!

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The Luckiest Guy Of All

Amy's Conquest is an illustrated story site based on Amazonian inspired tales from DTM and other Truly Talented authors, brought to illustrated life by some of The Best artists you will ever see! From girlishly playful, to dominatingly crushing, to powerfully protective, to viciously vengeful, these girls know how to use their hard, strong, buff bodies to their advantage!

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