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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - The plough girl, part 7

Olga deals with a wife beater. But the outcome isn't what you might have expected.

Olga also gets another plough girl to deal with the mob guy who was harassing her. And she lets her borrow her plough, just for a little while.

Anastasia is taller, broader and deeper than Olga. Olga is big, but Anastasia is a lot bigger.

"I visited Robin again. This time, the baby Star was asleep, which suited me fine. I took Robin's hand, pulled him into his bedroom, took off my dress and raped him. Is it rape? If the victim keeps gasping "Yes, yes!" I'd guess, sort of."

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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - La Toro

They call her "La Toro", because although she's female, she's built like a bull. She's six feet seven and 310 pounds, one hell of a lot of it is muscle.

She demands submission from all men, but especially from her husband, who she tortures each day with her powerful muscles.

And this is an account of one such day. One day in the life of the husband of La Toro

Don't read this if you're of a weak or nervous disposition. Try to avoid any woman who becomes inspired by La Toro. But most of all, if she does one day kill her husband by going just a bit too far - do not volunteer to be his replacement.

THURSDAY NIGHT MOVIES (Video Clip) - Denise Wrestler (Courtesy BMP Vintage) This extreme 'RENDEZVOUS' features the thickly voluptuous bodybuilder DENISE WRESTLER who starts things off pretty intensely as the large, amazon-tressed and sultry combatant begins by slamming the latest Intern Sessionee against the wall and nearly choking the life out of him for staring at her in the gym. Denise then teaches him by tossing the poor man on the bed for a series of crushing holds, forcing the Intern to admire and massage her huge muscles. Finally Ms. Wrestler lifts and throws her Sessionee all over the hotel room before leaving him in a humiliated, defeated pile. Total Muscle Domination.

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La Toro

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