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LAST WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - COLLEGE AMAZON ADVENTURES (Part 3)! - It's now Larissa's turn to share her summer's escapades (or is that, SEX-capades) with her sisters-in-muscle - this story about her very first time Doing It! A special night planned with her special guy, as the gorgeous teenage Amazon gets all dressed up, bringing him to a private hotel room, driving him wild with Lust, before Taking Him for her erotic pleasures! Pain for him is expected, though the sweet muscle girl does her best to not damage him too much, while fully quenching his own Amazonian Addiction! More Awesome text and artwork by James from here!

THIS WEEK'S UPDATE (Exclusive Text Story) - CANDY KANE! by Michele LeMuscle - Candy Kane started her teenage years as a shy and quiet girl, that was until she discovered her school's rarely used weight room! She proved to be an extremely quick gainer, and as the years went on not only became Massively Muscular, but also much more outgoing, popular and aggressive! She discovered how much men and boys lusted after her muscle-packed body, as well as her ability to easily control them with it, something she did quite often (in school and at home), with super Sexy effects! Candy has definitely discovered her true life's calling, and it's all about the Muscle!


(Illustrated Story) - SHELLEY! - Shelley just loves showing off her ultra muscular physique in school, wearing tiny, body hugging outfits! Though one of her teacher's doesn't seem to be a fan, and after giving her a Failing grade on her latest report, something she is less than happy about, she is called back in after school. There she confronts him about his attitude towards her and her Amazonian body, something she then exploits with an assortment of flexing and crushing, battering him senseless while bringing out the muscle-lover in him, earning her an A in his class! Awesome pictures from Ronaldo on this Michele LeMuscle story!


(Video Clip) - LAYLA MIKAYLA - GUY'S NIGHT (KNOCK) OUT! - Our next series of clips features the undeniably fit, firm and flexible (not to mention Sexy) Layla Mikayla! Here she shows off her limber limbs while performing some evening stretches, though she quickly gets annoyed at her boyfriend when he makes his way past her for another night out with his guy friends (hitting on other girls, no doubt). Leaving her alone once again, with the promise of a possible future date night down the line; though when he asks for a ride back when his nightly fun is over, that's when the super fit Layla draws the line! She lashes out at her larger (though clearly weaker) man, using her superior strength and unreal flexibility to show him all too clearly who comes first in his life - and it isn't his bar-hopping guy friends!


(Illustrated Story) - LUCINA'S HOOD! - When a gorgeous hulking latina Amazon emerges from her parent's home to start an early morning workout, she is surprised by the sounds of someone coming from the basement apartment! Thinking this man may be an intruder, she confronts him, shocking him with her towering physique! Though intimidation quickly turns to adoration as she realizes he is a childhood friend, one she now wants to get closer with, thankfully for him that is something he would very much like as well; as the two young lovers exchange tender touches and kisses, before making their way back inside! Great CGI artwork from Mr. Lex, on a story written by him, fnemot, Bicep Fun, Mlcred and Cwnoss!


(Exclusive Text Story) - KIRA AND THE STOREKEEPER! by Michele LeMuscle - While getting his store ready for opening one day, Mr. Mason couldn't help but notice the girlishly bouncing Kira making her way to school. Of course, carrying nearly 200 pounds of rock solid muscle on her frame made noticing her all too easy! Unable to stop himself from attempting to get closer to this Herculean High School girl, the storekeeper decided to offer her a before school job, one which featured her lifting hard and heavy weighted objects in the store's basement – physical feats that made her body swell even more Massively with muscle! The naive 17 year old doing her best to fulfil her job requirements, not realizing the all too arousing affects she was having on her new “boss”!


(Illustrated Story) - THE TRIP! - Fresh out of grad-school, Allan's parents surprise him with a lengthy family vacation, all of them visiting their close friends in sunny Florida. Along with their welcoming hosts is their 18 year old daughter Megan, who Allan hadn't seen since she was a kid, though the years have been very kind to this gorgeous young woman, who has a physique as fit, firm and strong as any Allan has ever seen! What's more, she's had a crush on him for some time now, something she sexily uses her superior strength to show him, again and again! Amazing illustrations by Max, on the first of this classic series by Hud!

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