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PREVIOUS UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - THE SCIENCE FAIR (Part 1)! - Super-genius Wendy has always wanted to transform her scrawny, waifish form into that of a powerful, sexy woman! Leading her to create a growth formula for her university's science fair, testing it on herself, she becomes a towering, muscular Amazon! Though with her enhanced strength also comes heightened levels of arousal, something her lab-partner Kim takes full advantage of, the act of which then transforms Her into a sexy supergirl! During the following morning they realize their bodies have returned to normal, though it only takes them getting hot and bothered for them to get Tall and Muscular once more! Incredible illustrations from Dracowhip on this FemGrowth story!

THIS WEEK'S UPDATE (Video Clip) - TORI NYX - BETTING BOYFRIEND BEATING! - We are truly Overjoyed to have our next set of videos featuring the absolutely Beautiful and Buff, Tori Nyx! In this storyline, Tori and her boyfriend Dante arrive at their hotel in Las Vegas, each of them thrilled to be there; though while she wants to see All the sights of this lavish city, he just wants to sit down and gamble. Tori tries to convince him to spend their vacation together, though he continues to stand his ground - that is until her taller, stronger, much more muscular body starts doing the talking! If he wants to bet so much, she wagers she could use her super strong limbs to make him scream, again and again!

NEXT WEEK'S UPDATE (Illustrated Story) - THE TRIP (Part 2)! - New young lovers Allan and Megan are enjoying one another amazingly, she having a crush on him since she was a little girl, and he adoring her incredibly hard, powerful body! Alone in her room, she continues to display her sexy hardbodied physique, not just with sexy flexes, but feats of strength as well! That is until her Mother comes in to check on them, as she too shows off her own level of power on Allan! Thrilled with the size of his "manhood", she approves of him being with her daughter, while enjoying his throbbing erection with her superior strength, much to Megan's approval! Iconic female muscle artist Max continues with this fantastic series from Hud!

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