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These pictures are from Ironing and Pinning 1

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Free Illustrated Story -

This illustrated story is the first in a series that is written and also illustrated by Diana the Valkyrie. It's free because this is the first time that I've both written and illustrated a story, and I'm not completely happy with the illustrations. I believe that I could do better. But I know the answer - practice, practice, practice.

I would welcome any feedback, both on the story and on the illustration. Email me at webmaster@amysconquest.com

The weightlifting contest By Diana the Valkyrie

Linda Daventry is a professional fluffer. If you've ever wondered how a guy can keep it up for the hours that it take to make a video, wonder no more, the answer is Linda.

Linda isn't conventionally pretty, and she doesn't have big tits (or big anything else) but she is extremely skilled at what she does, and many guys feel a surge of excitement as soon as they see Linda and her Big Bag of Useful Items.

Linda's best friend is Sharon. Sharon is six feet eight inches and built like a Panzerkamfpwagon (but without the long-barrelled gun sticking out in front). Often, the mere threat of calling in Sharon for a bit of help is all that Linda needs to get things going the way she wants.

The story is about the first ever genital weight lifting contest put on by the IFGW, the International Federation of Genital Weightlifting. Points are awarded for the ounces of weight lifted, and the height of the lift in inches.

Linda's butterstick is Horse Pangborne. He has that nickname because he's as thick as a horse (I'm not sure if he can count up to one), and I don't mean diameter. And he's also struggling with the need to balance his Testosterone intake with his Estrogen, and his balls were the size of grapefruit, which for the purpose of a GW contest, was not good.

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Substitute Teacher

The substitute teacher is teaching the class about human anatomy, and how it all works. She uses her own magnificent body to grab their attention, and to illustrate the lesson. Jane can lift and roll a small car, and she shows the class her massive biceps, and amazing quads, and talks about crushing coconuts and men. Imaginative story by Diana the Valkyrie.

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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - PocketMen

By GyroFM

A story about guys who lose control looking at muscular women in public settings.

"Try them on!" he says to Cecilia. She, impatiently, takes the shoes off and puts them on. As soon as she stands up on those heels, Cecilia's calves explode in all their enormous size and muscularity. The boy is left with wide eyes and an open mouth, and can not control himself. He immediately puts his hand in his pocket. Cecilia sees the whole scene and understands everything. She looks at him with superiority and then flexes her foot on the toe, making her calves explode, just like when she did bodybuilding competitions! The boy begins to sweat while Cecilia continues to flex her calf rhythmically, then she turns to him and does a double biceps pose. Cecilia's biceps look like two balloons. The boy looks at those crazy muscles and, with his hand in his pocket and loses control in a few seconds!...
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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) -
Flexy Romance

Stroy by Arnold Ziffel @arnoldziffel1

Artwork: Tan Yk @tanyk

She was a blonde. A blonde to make blind man blink. You could almost hear the creaking of fabric strained against all the stiffening cocks. It was not just a bunch of the dudes; some of the girls got all nippily and excited around her, too. It was like she was royal, the uber-babe of all babes, and her fans were bowing before her. With a rather apologetic smile, she re-stacked her heavy textbook pile on one steel ingot of a forearm. Shoulders worthy of a fullback were exposed in her sleeveless, short-waisted hoodie. It left her taut stomach half exposed, flat as concrete and apparently just as hard. She had thickly cabled columns of bulging muscle shapes on teardrop thighs that could squeeze me into the next life, petite knees and then calves that must have been 20 inches if they did not snap the tape wrapped around them. The quintessential hottie. This could be the one I hadd been looking for. 'Are you okay, Trish?' an XXXL beef-o-saurus yelled, glaring at me like a German Shepherd on guard duty.
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THURSDAY NIGHT MOVIES (Video Clip) - Ironing and Pinning 2 - Jacques is a very bad housekeeper, Jana will teach him how to do it. Courtesy Athena2.

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Picture from:
Windmills 2

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