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These pictures are from Deep Muscle Worship in Deep Rural Benelux

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Free Illustrated Story -

This illustrated story is the first in a series that is written and also illustrated by Diana the Valkyrie. It's free because this is the first time that I've both written and illustrated a story, and I'm not completely happy with the illustrations. I believe that I could do better. But I know the answer - practice, practice, practice.

I would welcome any feedback, both on the story and on the illustration. Email me at webmaster@amysconquest.com

The weightlifting contest By Diana the Valkyrie

Linda Daventry is a professional fluffer. If you've ever wondered how a guy can keep it up for the hours that it take to make a video, wonder no more, the answer is Linda.

Linda isn't conventionally pretty, and she doesn't have big tits (or big anything else) but she is extremely skilled at what she does, and many guys feel a surge of excitement as soon as they see Linda and her Big Bag of Useful Items.

Linda's best friend is Sharon. Sharon is six feet eight inches and built like a Panzerkamfpwagon (but without the long-barrelled gun sticking out in front). Often, the mere threat of calling in Sharon for a bit of help is all that Linda needs to get things going the way she wants.

The story is about the first ever genital weight lifting contest put on by the IFGW, the International Federation of Genital Weightlifting. Points are awarded for the ounces of weight lifted, and the height of the lift in inches.

Linda's butterstick is Horse Pangborne. He has that nickname because he's as thick as a horse (I'm not sure if he can count up to one), and I don't mean diameter. And he's also struggling with the need to balance his Testosterone intake with his Estrogen, and his balls were the size of grapefruit, which for the purpose of a GW contest, was not good.

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Saturday night audio stories - The Plough Girl Squadron, part six

The Plough Girl Squadron moves to Chicago, and creates an interrogation room.

Milly breaks the fingers of a small-time drug deaer, one at a time, He screams rather loudly, so Milly squeezes a rubber ball into his mouth. After breaking enough fingers, the drug dealer decides to name his boss, so the Plough Girls put him into their "zoo", and they started to plan the raid on the boss's house.

The plan was simple. They filled an oil drum with 350 pounds of gasoline, and Olga threw it into a winddow; this was followed by a gasoline-soaked rag on fire.

The girls captured the six guys who ran out of the house, and took them back to the interrogation room. The Plough Girls used an combination of intimidation and sex, to turn the guys into puppets

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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - My Crazy Quintuplet Cousins

An original story by JavaBro.

"Imagine that you have five beautiful cheerleaders for cousins. Five identical quintuplets, all of them older and more confident and most of all, far stronger than you. Now imagine that you get to sunbathe with them. Swim and mess about with them, all the while getting to see them in their swimwear, with their toned abs, bulging arm muscles and perfectly defined thighs all on display for your eyes only.

Well, these are my cousins, and for some reason, on this particular sunny afternoon in my back yard pool, they all want to have a go carrying me! Piggybacks, shoulder rides, they all take their turn. And then to show off, for a grand finale, a 5 high shoulder riding tower! Every participant showing off the strength and athleticism. Their bodies, their muscles on display. Each straining under the weight of their sisters above them. And then there is me, clamped in the middle. Riding on the muscle-bound shoulders of a hot, older woman, while simultaneously feeling the toned thighs of another squeezing tight about my ears. Her weight, and that of her sister above her pushing me down, and seemingly crushing me head with the strength of those thighs!"

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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) -
Concetta and Yau Nam

Concetta is a high level, black belt practioner of the Yau Nam.

Yau Nam is a little-known sexual and martial art.

This is an account of one morning in her life - she first shags three men senselss, then moves on to the Yau Nam dojo and takes on two Yau Nam masters.

The morning is completed when she takes on the dojo instructor, and leaves him physically and sexually drained.

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Green Card 3 - Iron Angel wants to marry this guy to get a green card, but he wants more from her. She will teach him respect. Courtesy Athena2.

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Concetta and Yau Nam

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