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Saturday night audio stories - The Plough Girl Squadron, part 2
The Plough Girl squadron, part 2

The Plough Girl Squadron was each supposed to patrol alone, because we reckoned that one plough girl would be more than enough to deal with any situation she encountered. But to start with, I wanted to accompany them, to make sure that the exacting standards of the NYPD were being complied with.

The first of the PIGS to go out, was Ludmilla, aka Milly. We made an eye-opening pair. Milly was five feet ten, which is short for a plough girl, but she made up for that with her width. She has to go through a normal two feet eight inch door sideways, otherwise her shoulders wouldn't fit. I haven't tried this experiment, but I think I'd need at least a six foot tape measure to go around her upper body, even though her boobs don't add much to her circumference.

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CURRENT UPDATE (Text Story) - Tori and the nephew

By Sheila C.

Tori is a caring auntie, who guides her nephew Mark to the adult age. Mark is doubtful about how to choose his dates, so Tori is willing to show him what should be taken into consideration.

Taking him to the gym, dressed in a way that emphasizes her perfect shapely muscular sexy body, she uses a bunch of bullies to show her nephew the meaning of hot female strength.

Those thugs are going to experience the wildest arousal of their lives, due to Tori's amazing use of her body and their cocky machismo. The ridiculous illusion of being stronger than women, in any case, will be a good chance for those men to learn a good lesson, while Mark will never see his aunt Tori with the same eyes again.

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CURRENT UPDATE (Illustrated Story) -
Hannah and her husbands

Hannah is 5'9", 125 pounds. Her strength, speed and skill is impressive, as are her 42G breasts.

Knowing that a gorgeous golden goddess like Hannah possessing what could only be described as superhuman strength made Brick's dick as hard as granite. It had the exact same effect on Gary and Johnny.

She had a figure that was the perfect balance of slender and voluptuous. She had a trim, tight waist and wide, womanly hips. Her taut, round ass was like a ripe peach that was just begging to be sampled. Her long, shapely, pleasing legs, delicate feet and ten sexy toes completed the impossibly pulchritudinous portrait.

And on top of Hannah's otherworldly beauty, there was her unreal strength. Brick knew that Hannah was easily at least twenty times stronger than he was. Exquisite artwork by Edson.

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Measure 4 Measure - Shot at Muscle Beach Hotel on Venice Beach, we had beautiful Valentina with us for a video shoot that day. After a little makeup, we had a little interview with her. She hit different poses for the camera but before we would go further, we wanted to measure her body and she was more than excited and ready. She was huge with 15 inches biceps, 44 inches chest, 17 inches calves, and 24 inches quads. Fortunately, we had Saoirse with us and she was so passionate to oil Valentina's body. Things got a little kinky as Saoirse had unintentional laughter as she was oiling her body. At one point, Saoirse asked if she could oil her chest again. We don't know if Valentina took Saoirse with her. To end the shoot Valentina changed her dress from bikini to sexy lingerie and posed for us with Hip hop music in the back to have a classic Californian Vibe. Courtesy Builtmore.

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Hannah and her husbands

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